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Pat Geery and Reed Moore formed Volente Sail and Paddle as a way to pass on our love of Sailing to future generations. July 1, 2020 will mark are second anniversery. We have amassed a vintage fleet of day sailers, catamarans, kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and a few small yachts. We go over each vessel to ensure they are clean, safe and comfortable. What we have to offer may lack a lot of bells and whistles or a new coat of paint but they are all proven classics and a have a charm of their own. A large number of our smaller sailboats were built by Hobie.

Our goal is to offer an easy way for families and/or friends to get on the water and have some fun. We are more of a Sailing Center than a paddling outfitter. We are happy to do hourly rentals with our paddle boards and kayaks when available. Unfortunately we don’t have large inventory kayaks and paddle boards so we do prioritize this equipment for our Cove packages. Please call ahead for availability.

We do have a number of small sailboats 14 foot and under. They do not require a boating safety class per TX Parks and Wildlife. They are wonderful way to learn to sail for the adventurous. For the experienced skipper these boats are surprisingly stable. In high winds or with an inexperienced crew capsizing can be part of the fun. The boats are easy to right with a little pressure on the center board. Letting out the main sheet or releasing the outhaul will give you more control when the boat rights. Ask for tips, they are free. No life guard on duty!

For those qualified we offer bareboat rentals of larger boats, 21-26 footers. You must be ASA certified or be able to demonstrate competence in the art of sailing. Just saying yardarm, galley and keelhaul is not going to cut it. Aye mate! If your birthday is after Sept. 1, 1993 Texas law requires you have a certificate showing you have passed the TX Boating Safety Course to operate a boat over 14′ in length.

After spending time in a protected cove old salts would pull up their anchor and find it full of gunk, hence the word Gunkhole. Gunkholing, as we call it, is what we really want to do with our fleet. We will anchor a sailboat in the cove near the marina or near a public park (we know where they are) or where you have private access to the water and set you up with canoes, paddle boards or kayaks to access the sailboat. You can swim, fish, sunbathe or what ever you like to do on the water for a few hours or a few days. Camping on the water is great! You just can’t move the boat therefore no TX Safety certificate is required. Bring pillows and blankets if you want to camp on the water. These sailboats are designed to sleep a family of four in the cabin, our largest sleeps dix. We can provide linen if your from out of town. Each of these sailboats has a cooler, cabin lights and its own little port-a-potty, as do the parks. Our boats do NOT have air conditioning. Come and go as you please. We will provide a cable to secure the kayaks, etc at the park if you get the urge to run to town. If you have a lot of friends we can anchor out more than one boat. We can even marry them together if you would like. The parks have grillls for cooking but we don’t allow fire on our boats. We have a lot of options for these packages so just let us know how we can customize the experience for you and your friend(s).

If you would prefer to be on the water with the power of a motor please contact the good people at Aquaholics. They offer Jet Ski, power boat, pontoon boat and party barge rentals. www.Aquaholic.org

Find us on Dodd Street in the vibrant Village of Volente on beautiful Lake Travis. Austin’s playground: boat rentals, zip lines, water parks. fine dining, live music, B&B’s, party barges, county parks, beautiful views and some of the happiest people inTexas!